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A best-selling worldwide brand, based on the book series by R. L. Stine, that debuted as a monthly book series from Scholastic in 1992.

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Kids ages 8–12


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“R.L. Stine rode a wave of kid popularity, partly fueled by the fledgling Internet, to become perhaps the best-selling children’s author of the 20th century.”

Stephen King
Entertainment Weekly, August 17, 2007

Press Releases

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Goosebumps is one of the best-selling children’s series of all-time – with more than 350 million English language books in print, plus international editions in 22 languages. A global megabrand, the Goosebumps television show airs on The Hub in the United States and is available for download on iTunes and streaming on Netflix. The official website is


In July 1992, Scholastic introduced a monthly book series by R.L. Stine called Goosebumps with Goosebumps: Welcome to the Dead House. Twenty years later, Goosebumps is now one of the best-selling children’s series of all-time—with more than 350 million English language books in print, plus an additional 50+ million international copies in print in 22 languages—selling at the phenomenal rate of four million books per month in the mid-1990s. The Goosebumps series made R.L. Stine a worldwide publishing celebrity (and Jeopardy answer), and Goosebumps was named the world's bestselling book series of all time in the 2003 Guinness Book of World Records.

For more about the author and the series, check out these PDFs: Questions and Answers with R.L. Stine Stine-Tingling Facts.


Goosebumps HorrorLand Audiobooks #1–#12 are available in stores, on Playaway, and for download at iTunes,, and in libraries at


The Goosebumps HorrorLand video game is available for Nintendo Wii™ & DS™ as well as Playstation®


The award-winning television series, which told the spookily outrageous and funny tales of ordinary kids who find themselves in extraordinary and scary situations, originally aired on Fox Kids and now airs on The Hub TV network in the United States; the show is also available on Netflix and iTunes. The television series has won numerous awards.

DVD/Home Video

DVDs of the award winning television series are available from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Feature Film

Goosebumps, a feature film starring Jack Black, based on the book series by R.L. Stine, was released in theaters on October 16, 2015, and opened at #1 at the box office.


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Goosebumps: Beneath the Sink

Goosebumps: Living Dummy

Goosebumps: Say Cheese

Book Covers

Goosebumps Most Wanted

Goosebumps Most Wanted: Here Comes the Shaggedy (Goosebumps: Most Wanted #9)
Publishes February 23, 2016

Goosebumps Most Wanted: The Haunter (Goosebumps Most Wanted Special Edition #4)
Publishes June 28, 2016

Goosebumps Most Wanted: Lizard of Oz (Goosebumps: Most Wanted #10)
Publishes September 27, 2016

Goosebumps Wanted: The Haunted Mask

Goosebumps Most Wanted: Planet of the Lawn Gnomes

Goosebumps Hall of Horrors

Goosebumps HorrorLand: Hall of Horrors #1: Claws!

Goosebumps HorrorLand: Hall of Horrors #2: Night of the Giant Everything

Goosebumps HorrorLand

Goosebumps HorrorLand #1: Revenge of the Living Dummy

Goosebumps HorrorLand #2: Creep from the Deep

Goosebumps Classics

Classic Goosebumps: A Shocker on Shock Street

Classic Goosebumps: Let's Get Invisible!

Classic Goosebumps: Night of the Living Dummy 2

Classic Goosebumps: Night of the Living Dummy 3

Classic Goosebumps: The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena

Classic Goosebumps: The Blob That Ate Everyone

Classic Goosebumps: The Ghost Next Door

Classic Goosebumps: The Haunted Car

Classic Goosebumps: Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls

Classic Goosebumps: Please Don't Feed the Vampire!

Goosebumps The Movie

Goosebumps The Movie: The Movie Novel

Goosebumps The Movie: Night of the Living Monsters

Goosebumps The Movie: Slappy's Revenge

Goosebumps The Movie: Monster Survival Guide

Goosebumps The Movie: Activity Book with Stickers

Goosebumps General

Goosebumps: Slappy's Tales of Horror (Graphic Novel)

It Came from Ohio!: My Life as a Writer, an autobiography

Video Game Cover

Video Game
Available for the Wii™, Nintendo DS™ and Playstation®2

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Author R.L. Stine
R.L. Stine. Photo credit: Dan Nelken