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Kids & Family Reading Report 7th Edition


What is it?

The Kids & Family Reading Report is a national survey sharing the views of both kids and parents on reading books for fun and the influences that impact kids’ reading frequency and attitudes toward reading. It is a biennial report with 2019 unveiling the seventh edition, which was released in three installments.

Methodology, In Brief

In fall 2018, Scholastic, in conjunction with YouGov, conducted its biennial survey to explore family attitudes and behaviors around reading books for fun. The key findings of this research, based on a nationally representative sample of 2,758 parents and children, including 678 parents of children ages 0–5; 1,040 parents of children ages 6–17; plus one child age 6–17 from the same household. The survey sample was sourced and recruited by GfK using their nationally representative KnowledgePanel®.

Full Report

Download The Summer Reading Imperative from the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report: 7th Edition (PDF)

Download Finding Their Story from the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report: 7th Edition (PDF)

Download The Rise of Read-Aloud from the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report: 7th Edition (PDF)

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“My mom and dad sit and we read together. We spend time together reading the books and laughing and talking.”

— 8-year-old girl

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Key findings from The Rise of Read-Aloud, released January 2019, reveal that more parents are reading to their young children, the family read-aloud experience is overwhelmingly positive, reading aloud is a partnership between kids and parents, and read-aloud frequency is on the rise, although read-aloud continues to decline after age five.

Additional data from the 7th Edition will be released throughout the spring of 2019.



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