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“I'm able to do more things by myself. I got into college by myself and am graduating as an Honor student. READ 180 helped me a lot!”

—Michael, READ 180 Student, Dover, DE

READ 180 has transformed my students into phenomenal young readers who now have the confidence to rise above their challenges and reach for the stars.”

—Ann, Cedar Creek Elementary



What is it?

READ 180 is a rigorous, adaptive reading intervention program designed to support educators while helping struggling readers meet the rigorous expectations of the new standards and experience success on the new assessments. READ 180 is used by more than 1.2 million students in classrooms every day.

Who’s it for?

READ 180 is the most effective system for raising reading achievement in students grades 4–12+ whose reading skills are at least two years below grade level.

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English language learners and special education students thrive in READ 180 Whitnall classroom

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North Little Rock School District spends grant money on resources to support READ 180 classes

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Press Releases

READ 180 Next Generation

  • READ 180 Next Generation incorporates new technology, content and supports to make teachers more effective, school leaders more empowered, and students more engaged.
  • A new Teacher Dashboard draws upon user-friendly technologies like those used in online banking to deliver instructional data to teachers anytime/anywhere and helps them sort through it, analyze it and use it to provide targeted instruction that addresses each student’s specific needs.
  • A new Student Dashboard taps into research on gaming by giving students the ability to more clearly track their progress, see evidence of their success and earn rewards for topping their "personal bests."
  • New writing software and instruction in the READ 180 rBook are designed to help students build competence and confidence and make and support arguments.


  • READ 180 is the most studied and most successful intervention program for struggling readers, used in 40,000 classrooms across the country.
  • READ 180 combines adaptive software with small group direct instruction and independent reading to help accelerate reading achievement and get students back on track in school and in life.
  • More than 40 independent studies have proven the effectiveness of READ 180.

The 180 Awards

  • The 180 Awards celebrate the achievements of READ 180, MATH 180, and System 44 students and educators. Each year, educators nominate their students and colleagues to recognize their dedication and achievements inside and outside the classroom, awarding more than $25,000 to outstanding students and their teachers.
  • The 180 Student Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of READ 180, MATH 180 and System 44 students who have overcome challenges to succeed in school.
  • The 180 Educator Awards recognize the exceptional commitment of READ 180, MATH 180 and System 44 educators who have helped students overcome their academic challenges, truly turning students' lives around.

Click here to learn more about the 180 Awards.


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