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Scholastic Professional supports educators by offering professional services, books and curricular resources from leading experts in K–12 education. It provides a comprehensive, research-based approach to professional development that expands understanding of language, literacy, and learning as it elevates instruction—preparing students for a lifetime of success.

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Scholastic Professional supports K–12 educators.


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Experts on the Scholastic Reads Podcast

PHYLLIS HUNTER shares what inspires her and offers advice on how to help children become avid readers

PAM ALLYN AND ERNEST MORRELL talk about the importance of reading aloud

LESTER LAMINACK discusses how we can encourage students to feel included, engaged, and welcomed

Experts in the News

THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS Nell K. Duke, Ed.D. discusses the benefits of pairing informational texts with project-based learning

NPR Kwame Alexander believes in the power of poetry to get kids hooked on books

YAHOO! PARENTING Literacy expert Pam Allyn comments on the importance of Dads reading aloud

LANGUAGE MAGAZINE Kwame Alexander and Chris Colderley explain why we need to read and write more poetry in (and outside of) the classroom

EDUCATION WEEK Annie Ward provides tips about how teachers can turn mistakes into learning opportunities

WPMI-TV Jan Richardson hosts a professional development seminar about guided reading for over 400 educators in Baldwin County, Alabama 

“Scholastic Professional provides the inspiration and information that enables educators to ignite a love of reading, writing, and learning in their classrooms and schools—and open a world of possible for all students.”

—Lois Bridges, Vice President and Publisher, Scholastic

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About Scholastic Professional

Ongoing, relevant professional learning that is tailored for educators is critical. Scholastic supports overall professional growth in delivering high-quality literacy instruction through custom professional learning, coaching, leadership support, and renowned author thought leadership. Our offerings are designed to create lasting change and success.

Press Releases

2016-2017 Professional Book Releases

The latest books and professional resources from leading author-experts committed to helping all teachers fulfill their professional learning needs.

  • Disrupting Thinking: Why How We Read Matters by Kylene Beers, Ed.D. and Robert E. Probst, Ph.D.
    In their newest professional resource for K–12 educators, award-winning authors and acclaimed literacy educators Kylene Beers, Ed.D. and Robert E. Probst, Ph.D. present a vision of what reading has the potential to be, emphasizing that it is a “changemaker” and students’ responses to their reading are crucial to the reading process. The authors frame reading as transformational rather than simply a practice of decoding, recalling, and responding to questions. They show that a student’s perception of reading as simply a set of skills results in a less-engaged reader. The book outlines a new framework developed by Beers and Probst called Book, Head, Heart (BHH) that alerts readers to pay attention to the text, their thoughts about it, what they feel, and how they might have changed by reading it. This timely book is being released just as many people are becoming aware that today’s complex media landscape has made it more important than ever for young people to become not only skillful readers, but also responsive, responsible, and compassionate readers. Learn more.
  • The Reading Zone: How to Help Kids Become Skilled, Passionate, Habitual, Critical Readers, Second Edition by Nancie Atwell & Anne Atwell Merkel
    Nancie Atwell, inaugural recipient of the Global Teacher Prize and author of the acclaimed classic In the Middle, has teamed up with her daughter, Anne, to create a blueprint for building readers for a lifetime. Drawing on a combined 50 years of expert teaching, the duo shows how K-8 classrooms can be transformed into reading zones: places where students have access to good books, choose their own, enjoy time to read them, and develop accuracy, the reading habit, and a love of literature. The authors explain methods that inspire voracious reading, including daily check-ins, mini-lessons, booktalks, books-we-love displays, and curated classroom libraries. This second edition features new chapters about conferences, close reading and discussion, written responses to books, fiction vs. nonfiction, and reading in high school, plus two lexicons to introduce and support literary analysis. The Reading Zone is a must-read for teachers, administrators, school board members, and parents, with a reproducible newsletter of practical guidelines about how they can help us help kids become the readers we all dream of. Learn more.
  • Mastering Short-Response Writing: Claim It! Cite It! Cement It! by Alan Lawrence Sitomer
    In his newest instructional title, Mastering Short-Response Writing: Claim It! Cite It! Cement It!, 2007 California Teacher of the Year and celebrated trade author, Alan Sitomer, outlines the “Triple C writing system”—a sequence of writing steps that helps students, grades 3-8, write concisely and convincingly and build the skills necessary to compose evidence-based responses. Throughout Mastering Short-Response Writing, Alan leverages both his experience as an educator and professional writer by sharing practical tips and strategies to build students’ writing skills and demystify writing instruction for both novice and experienced educators throughout. Learn more.

Our Authors

Scholastic Professional authors are recipients of highly prestigious awards and appointments—from the Newbery Medal to the first Global Teacher Award to President of the National Council Teachers of English (NCTE). Scholastic Professional services, books and curricular resources are informed by authors’ pivotal research and extensive experience in classrooms, schools, and districts.

Scholastic Professional authors include:

  • Kwame Alexander, Poet, Author, and Newbery Medal Winner
  • Pam Allyn, Founder, LitWorld
  • Nancie Atwell, Founder, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Kylene Beers, Past President of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
  • Ruth Culham, Ed.D., Founder, Culham Writing Company
  • Anne E. Cunningham, Ph.D., University of California Berkeley
  • Nell K. Duke, Ed.D., University of Michigan
  • Ralph Fletcher, Trade and Professional Author
  • Irene Fountas, Ed.D., Lesley University
  • David Freeman, Ph.D., University of Texas at Brownsville
  • Yvonne Freeman, Ph.D., University of Texas at Brownsville
  • Stephanie Harvey, Founder, Stephanie Harvey Consulting
  • Freddy Hiebert, Ph.D., Text Project
  • Linda Hoyt, Professional Author and Consultant
  • Phyllis C. Hunter, Founder, Phyllis C. Hunter Consulting, Inc.
  • Lester L. Laminack, Author, Literacy Consultant
  • Karen Mapp, Ed.D., Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Donalyn Miller, Trade and Professional Author
  • Ernest Morrell, Ph.D., Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Robert E. Probst, Ph.D., Georgia State University
  • Jan Richardson, Ph.D., Professional Author and Consultant
  • Laura Robb, Professional Author and Consultant
  • Jennifer Serravallo, Professional Author and Consultant
  • Alan Lawrence Sitomer, Children’s Author, California Teacher of the Year Award Winner, Founder, The Writer’s Success Academy
  • Michael W. Smith, Ph.D., Temple University
  • Gay Su Pinnell, Ph.D., The Ohio State University
  • Maria Walther, Ed.D., First-Grade Teacher, Professional Author and Consultant
  • Annie Ward, Ed.M, Mamaroneck Union Free School District
  • Jeffrey D. Wilhelm, Ph.D., Boise State University
  • Sharon Zinke, Founder, Zinke Educational Consulting


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Disrupting Thinking: Why How We Read Matters by Kylene Beers, Ed.D. and Robert E. Probst, Ph.D.

The Reading Zone: How to Help Kids Become Skilled, Passionate, Habitual, Critical Readers, Second Edition by Nancie Atwell & Anne Atwell Merkel

Mastering Short-Response Writing: Claim It! Cite It! Cement It! by Alan Lawrence Sitomer

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