The Baby-Sitters Club


What is it?

A momentous book series launched in 1986 about a group of friends in middle school who run a business called The Baby-sitters Club. One of the most successful children’s book series in publishing history with more than 176 million copies in print.

Who’s it for?

Readers ages 7 and up


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“The stories about children who discovered a love of reading when they read The Baby-sitters Club are the ones that have had the greatest impact on me as a writer. I’m very excited about introducing the series to a new generation of readers.”

— Ann M. Martin


The Baby-sitters Club® is one of the most successful series in publishing history with more than 176 million books in print. Ann M. Martin spent the latter part of the 1980s and most of the 1990s working on the series, which was supposed to debut in 1986 and end in 1987, and to consist of only four titles. Instead, it ended 15 years later, with four additional related series, approximately 250 titles, spawned a TV series as well as a feature film, and prompted girls around the world to start their own baby-sitters clubs.

The Baby-sitters Club became the first children’s book series to appear on the USA Today bestseller list.

The New York Times Magazine hailed Ann M. Martin as a, “genius in communicating with girls when and after they slip behind the glass curtain of preadolescence…Martin gets children to read.” The Baby-sitters Club also was named one of the “Books of the Century” by the New York Times Book Review in 1998.

“Adventures in baby-sitting…must-read literature for preteen girls.”—Time magazine

“Girls can’t get enough of The Baby-sitters Club…aren’t these the kinds of role models we want for our daughters…we all need friends like that.”– Parents Magazine

“Ann Martin rules the paperback roost.”– Publishers Weekly

About Ann M. Martin

Ann M. Martin is the bestselling author of the beloved The Baby-sitters Club, as well as the Main Street series. Her other acclaimed novels include A Dog’s Life, Belle Teal, The Doll People (written with Laura Godwin), and the Newbery Honor Book, A Corner of the Universe. She lives in upstate New York. For more information, visit

Media Coverage Highlights

Reviews of the BSC prequel, The Summer Before (April 2010)

“Book candy at its best.”— Kirkus Reviews

“…engaging, entertaining...series fans and newcomers alike will enjoy each girl’s lively alternating first-person stories, all supportively portrayed.”— Booklist

“Written by turn in the voice of each girl, Martin's thoughtfully crafted prequel to the Baby-sitters Club brings the series' four protagonists through an emotional, often bumpy summer…Martin credibly and affectingly blends the friends' stories and resolves their issues, while deftly foreshadowing what lies ahead.”— Publishers Weekly