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Scholastic Classroom Magazines combine high-interest student magazines with comprehensive digital resources to give today’s educator a powerful multimedia teaching tool. Each magazine features the types of rich nonfiction that meet standards and develop lifelong learners. Corresponding online resources, like videos and review games, help teachers integrate their classroom technology in lessons and introduce their students to crucial digital literacy concepts.

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"Scholastic's Classroom Magazines are an affordable and engaging way to enhance the curriculum in any classroom. Whether you are working on reading, math, science or social studies concepts, the magazines and corresponding websites make it easy for teachers and students to learn in new ways."

-- Teacher, Washington, DC

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Why Classroom Magazines?

Classroom Magazines instantly engage students with exciting nonfiction on current events and curriculum subjects. Every issue uses colorful photographs and age-appropriate content to develop the skills required by the Common Core Standards. With teaching support in print and online, classroom magazines are one of the most versatile and affordable ways for educators to inspire their students and meet their curriculum goals.     


Over ninety years in circulation, Scholastic Classroom Magazines now reach nearly 25 million students through 28 exciting, subject-specific titles. Each magazine is paired with comprehensive online content that gives educators a powerful multimedia teaching tool to engage, inspire, and educate. Beginning with the 2012-2013 school year, Scholastic Classroom Magazines is incorporating the best features of recently-acquired Weekly Reader magazines to provide even better news and information experience in print and digital formats for teachers and students.


Scholastic News Weekly Reader 4 cover
Scholastic News/Weekly Reader 4
  Junior Scholastic Current Events coverJunior Scholastic/Current Events
Science World Current Science cover
Science World/Current Science
  Scope Read cover


Magazine Titles

Social Studies/Current Events

  • Scholastic News/Weekly Reader Grade 1
    High-interest nonfiction about seasonal science and social studies subjects introduces young readers to basic literacy concepts.
  • Scholastic News/Weekly Reader Grade 2
    Building on the fundamentals taught in grade 1, this second grade magazine uses a variety of nonfiction text types to support the science and social studies curriculums.
  • Scholastic News/Weekly Reader Grade 3
    Students use the reading skills they’ve developed in first and second grade to obtain information from engaging current events articles and apply it to skill-building activities.
  • Scholastic News/Weekly Reader Grade 4
    The only magazine written specifically for fourth graders, Scholastic News Edition 4 focuses on the language arts and test prep concepts that are essential at this grade level.
  • Scholastic News/Weekly Reader Grades 5/6
    Students gather and apply information across a wide range of text types. From current events and maps to debates and graphs, students are exposed to the many types of informational texts they’ll be reading for years to come.
  • Junior Scholastic with Current Events
    Grades 6–8
    This complete teaching resource supplements the middle school social studies curriculum with current events, geography builders, American history articles, and world studies features.
  • The New York Times Upfront
    Grades 9–12
    Important national and international news is adapted specifically for a teen audience. With powerful photography from Times photographers and thought-provoking news reports, Upfront is the most captivating high school current events resource available.

Language Arts

  • Storyworks
    Grades 3–6
    With nonfiction, original fiction, paired texts, and more, Storyworks gives teachers all the cross-genre materials they need to develop core language arts concepts. Combined with an in-depth digital component, Storyworks is a complete ELA/Common Core teaching program.
  • Scholastic Action
    Grades 6–12 (Reading level 3–5)
    Our reading intervention magazine provides struggling readers with high-interest articles that are accessible and stimulating. After learning about exciting topics like celebrities, pop culture, and real teens, students are sure to discover the joy of reading.
  • Scholastic Scope with Read
    Grades 6–8
    Scope magazine and its accompanying digital content work together to develop higher order thinking skills and teach core language arts concepts. Each issue features all the materials teachers need to deliver dynamic multimedia language arts lessons, including thrilling narrative nonfiction, read-aloud plays, paired texts, and much more.


  • DynaMath
    Grades 3–6
    DynaMath makes problem solving a part of the reading experience by embedding practice problems in high-interest articles. Students learn about real-world math while applying core math concepts.
  • Scholastic Math
    Grades 6–9
    MATH magazine makes math relevant to students by focusing on high-interest, real- world applications. Over 50 practice problems in each issue are embedded in the text to make problem solving a part of the reading experience.


  • SuperScience
    Grades 3–6
    From wild weather to nature’s most outrageous animals, SuperScience magazine captures the excitement of science. Every amazing issue features eye-catching photography and connects to the science curriculum.
  • Science World
    Grades 6–10
    Science World with Current Science is all about the “wow” factor of science. With amazing photographs and articles about the most spectacular science applications, every issue engages students and connects to earth science, physics, and biology.


  • Scholastic Art
    Grades 7–12
    This unique art resource offers students a 21st century multicultural perspective on art history and contemporary art. Each issue inspires and informs with a featured artist, contemporary connections, hands-on projects, and profiles of award-winning student artists.

Life Skills

  • Choices with Weekly Reader
    Grades 7–12
    Choices is the only magazine that addresses the unique challenges today’s teens face. From cyberbullying to social media, Choices encourages teens to think critically about their decisions and their world.

Early Learning

  • Clifford with Weekly Reader
    This delightful children’s magazine makes learning fun with simple nonfiction just for early readers. Clifford and his pals guide little learners through important thematic units all year long.
  • Let's Find Out with Weekly Reader
    This bright, colorful kindergarten magazine explores high-interest seasonal topics that early childhood educators need to teach. From winter weather to fire safety, each issue gives little learners accessible nonfiction about important seasonal topics. Also available in Spanish.

Foreign Language

  • Foreign Language Magazines
    Grades 6–12
    Available in Spanish, French, and German, these exciting magazines immerse students in their second language. Each title targets a specific proficiency level and helps teachers develop fluency and comprehension.


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