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ClassroomsCare is a philanthropic program that encourages kids to read while learning the value of helping others.

Who is it for?

Teachers and students, from Pre-K to middle school, who are interested in promoting literacy and donating books to those in need.

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Why Should Classrooms Care?

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Press Releases

Scholastic Book Clubs ClassroomsCare Inducts More Than 10,000 Classes to Hall of Fame
Dec. 1, 2009

NFL Superstars Peyton and Eli Manning and Their Father Archie Sign With Scholastic to Publish Children's Book, Promote Reading
March 31, 2009

Kids Helping Kids: Give Back to School with Scholastic
August 27, 2009

More Than 27 Million Children Have Read for Kids in Need Through ClassroomsCare
May 20, 2009


ClassroomsCare is a unique literacy campaign that inspires kids to read and empowers them to help. Each year, over 250,000 classrooms all across the country participate in ClassroomsCare by pledging to read 100 books. When they do, Scholastic Book Clubs donates over one million books to children in need through our charity partners.


  • Over a million classrooms have joined us to help others.
  • 27 million kids have read for a better world.
  • 9 million books have been donated to kids in need.


"Scholastic is Reach Out and Read's oldest and strongest partner in the effort to promote early literacy and school readiness."
         – Earl Martin Phalen, CEO, Reach Out and Read


"I'm thrilled about the ClassroomsCare program. My students really enjoy it, and I will continue to participate in the program as long as Scholastic has it."
         – ClassroomsCare Teacher


"Thank you... For some students this will be just the push needed to help them value education and pursue excellence... I'm truly touched by your benevolence and the impact your organization is having on this community"
         – Teacher, in letter to Save the Children on receiving ClassroomsCare book donations


"These are books my children can relate to and love to read. Giving them this chance to be able to take home books and share them with their brothers and sisters develops a love of reading."
         –Teacher, who received books from ClassroomsCare


"Thank you for taking care of us and thanks a lot for the beautiful picture book... We appreciate your kindness."
         –Student, on getting books from ClassroomsCare


  • Two out of five people with the lowest literacy skills live in poverty.
  • Three out of five low-income children do not have age-appropriate books in their homes.
  • One out of three children in the United States enter kindergarten lacking the basic language skills they need to learn how to read.
  • By age four, low-income children have heard about 20 million fewer words than children from more affluent families. As a result, their listening vocabulary is seven times smaller.
  • By age five, children from middle-income families recognize an average of 22 letters of the alphabet while those from low-income families recognize an average of only 9 alphabet letters.
  • Reading aloud to children even before they can talk helps to stimulate language acquisition.
  • Having a wide range of reading material in the home helps promote reading proficiency.

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