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Scholastic early childhood partnerships, resources and programs to support learning at home and in preschool or childcare settings for children ages birth to 5 years.

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The Scholastic commitment to early learning reflects our long-standing support for children during the first five years of life and our belief that investments in high-quality early learning programs pay long-term dividends both for young children and for the country as a whole. Through partnerships, quality books and learning programs, Scholastic aims to transform lives and help close the achievement gap before it begins.

Initiatives and Commitments

By forming alliances and partnerships with key organizations, Scholastic helps raise awareness about important early learning initiatives affecting classrooms and families across the country.

  • “Love is NYC”: First Lady Chirlane McCray worked with Scholastic in April 2015 to develop an original Scholastic baby book called “Love is NYC,” specifically for NYC babies and infants. This book was donated as part of the larger “Talk To Your Baby, Their Brain Depends On It” initiative, in partnership with New York City Children’s Cabinet and Too Small to Fail.
  • “Invest in Us”: In December 2014, Scholastic announced its commitment to provide in-kind donations of more than $1 million worth of books from The Scholastic Possible Fund, along with professional learning opportunities for the awardees of the Preschool Development Grants and Early Head Start Partnership Grants.
  • Reach Out and Read: As part of a national partnership announced by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the fourth annual Clinton Global Initiative America Meeting in June 2014, 500,000 new children’s books were donated by Scholastic through Reach Out and Read to thousands of pediatric clinics across the nation.
  • New York City Department of Education: In March 2015, Scholastic partnered with Department of Homeless Services Commissioner Gilbert Taylor, Department of Education Chancellor Carmen Fariña and NYC Chief Service Officer Paula Gavin to donate books to school-age children living in 20 DHS shelters.


Scholastic programs and materials cultivate a love of learning in our youngest children and help ensure school readiness. For more information about our books, programs and products, visit http://www.scholastic.com/earlylearning.


  • BookFlix is a digital literacy resource for grades PreK–3 that pairs more than 130 animated classic storybooks with related nonfiction titles to reinforce early reading skills and develop essential real world knowledge. Learn more here.

Watch & Learn™ Library 

  • Watch & Learn Library features more than 230 engaging science, social studies and social-emotional videos for students in grades PreK–3 to explore, build knowledge and expand their content-area vocabulary. Learn more here.

Scholastic F.I.R.S.T.™ (Foundations In Reading, Sounds, & Text) An Adventure on Ooka Island 

  • Scholastic F.I.R.S.T. prepares students in grades PreK–2 to hear, identify, and manipulate each sound effortlessly, so that the brain energy focuses on comprehension through an exciting adventure on Ooka Island. Learn more here.

PreK On My Way™

  • PreK On My Way and PreK On My Way en español are comprehensive, PreK programs that welcome every child into the classroom—along with their individual culture, language, interests, and abilities—building on their strengths as they take the next step on their learning adventure! Learn more here.

Family and Community Engagement (FACE)

  • FACE Board Books offer high-quality, developmentally-appropriate books for children ages three and under. Learn more here.

Classroom Magazines

  • The nonfiction magazine My Big World™ brings the world to little learners with high-quality, seasonal nonfiction for preschool. Learn more here.

Reading Club

  • Scholastic Reading Club’s focus on early childhood reading includes preschool book clubs: “Honeybee®” (toddlers to 4-year-olds); “Firefly®” (pre-K and Kindergarten); “Early Childhood”; and “Kindergartners.” Learn more here.

Book Fairs

  • Special Preschool Book Fairs nationwide feature carefully-selected books for ages birth to 5 years; the free Kindergarten Readiness Program helps families prepare their children to get a great start in school. Learn more here.

The Teacher Store

  • Scholastic offers products to support early childhood educators, including guided reading programs, learning games, hands-on activities, professional resources for the classroom and more. Learn more here.

The Scholastic Store

  • High-quality products for preschoolers can be found at The Scholastic Store. Learn more here.

Triple Treat

  • Triple Treat allows students in PreK–1 to become familiar with the alphabet, print features, vocabulary and language patterns so that they can develop reading and writing confidence and fluency. Learn more here.

Cozy Corner

  • Cozy Corner is a research-based program for preschoolers that combines story time, music and active conversations to help children practice skills that lead to future literacy success and prepare for Kindergarten. Learn more here.



Watch & Learn™ Library


Scholastic F.I.R.S.T.™ (Foundations In Reading, Sounds, & Text) An Adventure on Ooka Island

PreK On My Way™

FACE: Family and Community Engagement

Classroom Magazines: The nonfiction magazine My Big World™

Reading Club: Selection of expanded preschool book clubs, including “Honeybee®” (toddlers to 4-year-olds); “Firefly®” (pre-K and Kindergarten); and “Early Childhood”

Scholastic Book Fairs: Kindergarten Readiness Program logo

The Teacher Store: Selection of products to support early childhood educators

The Scholastic Store: Selection of books for preschoolers

Triple Treat

Cozy Corner