Kids & Family Reading Report

Kids & Family Reading Report 5th Edition


What is it?

The Kids & Family Reading Report is a national survey sharing the views of both kids and parents on reading in the increasingly digital landscape and the influences that impact kids’ reading frequency and attitudes toward reading. It is a bi-annual report with 2015 unveiling the fifth edition.

Methodology, In Brief

The study was fielded between August 29 and September 10, 2014 and includes 506 parents of children ages 0-5; 1,026 parents of children ages 6-17 and one child ages 6-17 from the same household. The survey sample was sourced and recruited by GfK using their nationally representative KnowledgePanel®. To further ensure proper demographic representation within the sample, final data were weighted according to the following benchmark distributions of children ages 0 to 17 from the most recent (March 2013) Current Population Survey (CPS) from the U.S. Census Bureau: child gender within each of six age groups (0-2,3-5,6-8-9-11,12-14,15-17), region, household income and child race/ethnicity.

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“Reading opens your mind to all the possibility out there.”

— 9-year-old boy, GA

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