Scholastic Book Clubs Sells Its 6 Billionth Book in 2009

NEW YORK, NY — May 13, 2009 — Scholastic Book Clubs announced today it has now sold more than 6 billion books since the business was founded 60 years ago.

Scholastic Book Clubs, a division of Scholastic (NASDAQ: SCHL), the global children’s publishing, education and media company, passed the 6 billion book mark this school year. For 60 years, Scholastic Book Clubs has provided quality books and reading materials to children and teachers through a school-based ordering system

Six billion books is:

  • Enough to cover the football field at every public high school in America.
  • More than the weight of the Golden Gate Bridge – roughly 919,000 tons.
  • Equal to about 663,000 miles of books when lined up end-to-end – long enough to reach the moon and back and almost reach it again, or circle the globe 27 times.
  • Equal to the volume of the Empire State Building.
  • Enough for every child in the world under the age of 15 to have three books.

(Statistics computed based on the assumption that an average book is 5-by-7-by-0.3 inches in size, and weighs 4.9 ounces.)

"It's thrilling to us that parents, teachers and kids for so long have relied on Scholastic Book Clubs to build their classroom and home libraries," said Judy Newman, President of Scholastic Book Clubs. "To know that we've played a role in putting so many books in the hands of kids over the years means everything to us."

Today, Scholastic Book Clubs sells more than 120 million children’s books per year, the majority of them ordered online. On Dec. 8, 2008, the company set a one-day record for the number of Book Clubs orders keyed into the system: 154,567 in one day.

About Scholastic Book Clubs: For 60 years, Scholastic Book Clubs has provided monthly catalogues offering top quality books and reading materials from all publishers to teachers and students in pre-school through high school. Seven different Scholastic Book Clubs reach over one million teachers each month, providing the most sought-after titles at affordable prices for children in classrooms nationwide. Over 80% of all elementary school teachers in the United States participate in Scholastic Book Clubs. Today, more than half of the orders from parents and teachers are received online through Scholastic Book Clubs’ new online ordering system.


Tyler Reed