"The 39 Clues" Multi-Media Series Awards Third Round Cash Prizes from Scholastic


66 kids worldwide Win a Combined $8,150 — out of $125,000 to be awarded over two-year, 10-book hunt


New York, NY — July 28, 2009 — The 39 Clues™ continues to be a global sensation, as hundreds of thousands of kids around the world have read The New York Times bestselling multi-media book series and joined the online hunt for The 39 Clues™. More than 560,000 kids have registered at www.the39clues.com to digitize cards, play games and earn points, and today, Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education and media company, is announcing the third round of cash prizes, totaling $8,150 and won by 66 lucky children. Over the course of the two-year 10 book series, $125,000 in prizes will be awarded, and kids ages 6-14 (as of December 31, 2008) can enter to join the hunt at anytime and win prizes at www.the39clues.com.

Each of the adrenaline-charged books in the 10-book series offers kids an immersive reading and online experience that involves joining one of four branches of the Cahill family (Lucian, Ekaterina, Janus, or Tomas) – the most powerful family in the world. Once part of the family, they can begin their hunt for The 39 Clues, and have chances to win exciting prizes with each book release through the Book Sweepstakes, Online Mission Sweepstakes and Episode Contests *(see below for descriptions). The participant who finds all 39 Clues by the end of the series and discovers the Cahill secret has the chance to win the grand prize of $10,000 (US).

The third round of 66 winners has been selected from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and India, and winners will receive cash prizes totaling $8,150. In addition, Australia has selected 39 more winners and will be awarding alternative prizing including an XBOX 360 and special The 39 Clues prizes. See website for more details. **Prizes vary according to each country’s rules.

The 39 Clues top prize winners include:
(for full prize list visit http://www.the39clues.com/winners)

Book #3 Episode Contest Winners:
1st prize winner of the Book #3 Episode Contest $1,000
Kyla B., 10, Atlanta, GA, USA - Ekaterina

2nd prize winner of the Book #3 Episode Contest $750 Aaron F., 8, Richmond Hill, NY, USA - Lucian

In addition, winners were selected in Malaysia, Singapore and India:

1st prize winner of the Book #3 Episode Contest $300
Parth A., 13, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India – Ekaterina *(Parth also won the 1st prize of the Book #2 Episode Contest)

2nd prize winner of the Book #3 Episode Contest $200
Nehal P., 12, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India – Lucian

3rd prize winner of the Book #3 Episode Contest $100
Quinn D., 11, Tamil Nadu, India – Tomas

Book #3 Sweepstakes Winners:

1st prize winner of the Book #3 Sweepstakes $500
McKenna H., 9, Aurora, IL, USA - Ekaterina

2nd prize winners of the Book #3 Sweepstakes $250 each
Alex K., 12, Westfield, IN, USA – Lucian
Jennifer B., 12, Media, PA, USA - Janus
Jordan C., 11, Riverview, MI, USA - Lucian
Jordan L., 10, San Antonio, TX, USA – Tomas
Braden M., 10, Beaumont, TX, USA - Janus

3rd prize winners of the Book #3 Sweepstakes $100 each
Paul G., 11, Wexford, PA, USA - Tomas
Eric K., 10, Bethpage, NY, USA – Ekaterina
Eitan B., 11, Ardsley, NY, USA – Lucian
Jason H., 12, Jensen Beach, FL, USA - Lucian
Abigail R., 10, Delmar, MD, USA - Lucian
Nick K., 7, Sacramento, CA, USA - Lucian
Morgan J., 12, Greenville, SC, USA - Janus
Ryan H., 9, Normandy Park, WA, USA - Lucian

20 additional runners-up won prizes of $50

Book #3 Online Mission Sweepstakes Winners:
1st prize winner of the #3 Online Mission Sweepstakes $250
Mark R., 12, Groton, MA, USA - Tomas

2nd prize winners of the #3 Online Mission Sweepstakes $100
Chloe Jordan H., 12, Sacramento, CA, USA - Janus
Josh S., 11, Millington, MI, USA - Ekaterina
Nancy C., 9, Fallowfield, Manchester, United Kingdom - Janus
Aaron G., 9, Reigate, Surrey, United Kingdom - Ekaterina
Victor T., 9, Gig Harbor, WA, USA - BRANCH

20 additional runners-up won prizes of $50

"We continue to see an increase in the number of kids joining the global hunt for The 39 Clues, and it’s exciting to have readers from around the world engaged in this immersive multi-media experience," said Ellie Berger, President Scholastic Trade.

"I love when I get missions. They are so fun to complete and you get a clue at the end!" said Kyla, age 10, who won $1,000 as the first prize winner of the Book #3 Episode Contest. "I know I played on www.the39clues.com a lot, but I did not know I played on it enough to win!" Kyla also identifies with The 39 Clues heroine Amy Cahill – "She is more like me. A little shy, careful, and cautious, but overall a nice girl."

The next series of sweepstakes and contest for Book #4: Beyond the Grave by Jude Watson began June 2, 2009, at 6:00 AM EDT and ends on August 10, 2009 at 11:59 PM EDT. But kids can enter at anytime before December 31, 2010 to be part of the hunt and be eligible for the Grand Prize of $10,000 (US). On August 11, 2009, Scholastic will be releasing Book #5: The Black Circle by Patrick Carman.

The 39 Clues centers around the Cahills—the most powerful family the world has ever known. But the source of the family’s power has been lost. Grace Cahill, the last matriarch of the Cahills, changed her will minutes before she died, leaving her descendants an impossible decision: receive a million dollars or a clue. The first Cahill to assemble all 39 clues hidden around the world will discover what makes the family so powerful—a reward beyond measure. It’s Cahill versus Cahill in a race to the finish, with readers hot on the heels of the main characters, fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her eleven-year-old brother, Dan.

*Prize Descriptions:
Episode Contest (US/CA only): participants play games in the "Arena 39" mini-game section of the39clues.com; top 3 point earners are the winners
Book Sweepstakes: participants digitize any of the cards that come with the book and are automatically entered into the book sweepstakes
Online Mission Sweepstakes: participants initiate activity in an online mission game to be automatically entered into the online mission sweepstakes

For more information on the prize winners or The 39 Clues, including the complete details and official rules for sweepstakes and contests, visit www.the39clues.com/info/prizes or visit the media room at http://mediaroom.scholastic.com/The39Clues.

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