OMG, Mythology Totes Just Got Way Cooler *gasp*


New non-fiction book series from Scholastic makes ancient greek gods, goddesses and myths
accessible to digital natives


NEW YORK, N.Y — Oct. 7, 2009 A.C.E. — Mt. Olympus meets new media in a new book series from Scholastic (NASDAQ: SCHL).

The global children's publishing, education and media company today announced the publication and release of a new, non-fiction book series titledMythlopedia™™, created to entice even the most digitally obsessed students to explore the world of Greek mythology. Mythlopedia is the latest example of the innovative and revolutionary way Scholastic is presenting non-fiction to students.

Aimed at children in grades 5-9, Mythlopedia puts a unique, 21st-Century twist on the stories of Greek gods and goddesses. Titles in the series – Oh My Gods (gods), She's All That (goddesses), What a Beast (beasts), and All in the Family (heroes and mortals) – include LOL profiles of the featured characters similar in layout to popular social networking profile pages, online messaging-like front matter, personality quizzes relating to the members of the Greek pantheon, and engaging, original illustrations. At the same time, the books are rich with non-fiction content, vivid images of art and antiquities, and the accessible, reliable information parents and educators expect from Scholastic.

"Getting kids interested in reading is more challenging than ever as books are competing against things like video games, iPods, and cell phones," said Jackie Carter, VP and Publisher of Non-Fiction Books for the Scholastic Classroom and Library Group. "If we want every child to love non-fiction, we need to rethink the way we present it. Mythlopedia makes educational content fun and exciting for even the most digital of kids."

Top 5 reasons why Mythlopedia will knock your toga off:

  1. On one easy-to-navigate page, you’ll find information on Aphrodite's family, flings, her “top-ten” list, and her divine powers.
  2. Football-style play-by-play brings to life the epic clash between the Titans and the Olympians. (If you picked the Titans, you lost!)
  3. Take a guided tour of Hades’s Underworld and the undersea world of Poseidon. (Beware of monsters!)
  4. Fan the gods (on Facebook)! Zeus, Apollo and Hera
  5. Learn everything you need to know about Greek mythology for reports, tests and papers – and have fun!

Mythlopedia is available in hardcover in schools and libraries, and in paperback anywhere books are sold.


Tyler Reed