New Multimedia Professional Development Program from Math Solutions Helps Teachers Encourage "Math Talk" in the Classroom


Leader in K-12 professional development releases new titles to help teachers meet the demands of the common core state standards and the renewed focus on math proficiency across the U.S.


SAUSALITO, CA — May 2, 2011) — Math Solutions®, a leader in K-12 mathematics instruction and professional development for educators, today announced a new multimedia professional development resource designed to help educators encourage conversation, discourse and “Math Talk” in the classroom.

Classroom Discussions: Seeing Math Discourse in Action is the latest addition to Math Solutions’ suite of Math Talk™ resources. It includes access to two DVDs showing examples of teachers leading effective conversations about math in classrooms, as well as a comprehensive guide to help teachers create social learning environments where students exchange ideas and increase their proficiency in math. “Math Talk” provides students an opportunity for deeper understanding through communication. Individually or in groups, students articulate and support their ideas and analyze the reasoning of others.

Research has shown that working through problems aloud and engaging in math talk with other students helps improve the ability to reason logically and enhances understanding of mathematical concepts and procedures. This also helps teachers gain insight into how students think, what they know and the connections they are making. Classroom Discussions takes instructors step-by-step through problem-solving strategies using talk-centered instruction to help students learn. A facilitator’s guide provides twenty professional development sessions centered on video clips illustrating best talk practices in action. The DVDs include examples of teachers using academically-productive math talk in their classrooms. A CD with more than twenty ready-to-use reproducible handouts is also included.

"Students need to be given regular opportunities to explain what they know, justify their reasoning, ask questions and respond to ideas presented by their peers. That kind of engagement and dialogue leads to deep understanding—the kind of understanding demanded by the Common Core State Standards," said Marilyn Burns, founder of Math Solutions. "With these new Classroom Discussions resources, teachers will get teaching tips and the instructional tools they need to transform their classrooms into dynamic environments that support students’ math learning."

In addition, Math Solutions is announcing the release of five new titles that help teachers meet the Common Core State Standards in math and increase student achievement in math across the country.

All titles are now available at

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Founded in 1984 by Marilyn Burns, a leader in teacher advocacy and one of today’s preeminent math educators, Math Solutions is the foremost authority on transforming K-12 math instruction to ensure that all students achieve academic excellence. Math Solutions is dedicated to advancing the learning of mathematics by providing teachers with the highest quality professional development services, courses, and products and has served school districts in 48 states and Canada. For more information, please visit or phone 1-800-868-9092.

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