Scholastic News Kids Press Corps Selects the Newsmakers of The Year


Apple's Steve Jobs and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Top the List


New York, NY — December 27, 2011 — The Scholastic News Kids Press Corps® today revealed its selection of the top Newsmakers of 2011. The team of talented student journalists, who report “news for kids, by kids” from their hometowns and on the national stage, chose individuals who are inspirational and dedicated.

The young journalists' choice for top Newsmaker of the Year is Steve Jobs, the visionary and creative force behind Apple Inc., who died earlier this year. While many news reports at the time of his death focused on the influence of his Apple products on this younger generation, many of the Kid Reporters say the animated storytelling that Jobs brought to the big screen is as important.

"From a kid's perspective, one of his most important contributions was his financial and creative support of Pixar Studios – which is responsible for some of our favorite animated movies, such as the Toy Story trilogy, Finding Nemo, Cars movies, plus many more kid-friendly movies," said Christopher Pate, Scholastic News Kid Reporter from Alexandria, Louisiana. "The reason I choose Steve Jobs is because he is a great example to all of us to never give up and to believe in your dreams."

Another popular choice among the Kid Reporters included U. S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who survived a horrific shooting while meeting with constituents in her Arizona district in January. The Kid Reporters are inspired by her courage during her recovery and by the bipartisan support she has received this year.

"I nominate Gabrielle Giffords, a congresswoman from Arizona, as Newsmaker of the Year because she symbolizes hope, strength and courage," said Leila Sachner, Scholastic News Kid Reporter from Hamden, Connecticut. "In a year of few agreements between the major political parties, anger over her shooting and wishes for a successful recovery were agreed on across the country," added Zarin Loosli, Scholastic News Kid Reporter from Canton, Michigan.

Also selected as top Newsmakers are President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama for her campaign against childhood obesity, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her diplomatic work, particularly in the Mideast. Rounding out the top 5 Newsmakers of the Year is SEAL Team Six, for its skill and bravery in successfully hunting down and eliminating Osama bin Laden.

"The Kid Reporters were influenced by stories of inspiration, innovation, courage and perseverance in choosing the 2011 Newsmakers," said Dante A. Ciampaglia, Editor of the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps. "Our Kid Reporters cover these and other newsmakers, putting the issues of our day in a context that is both relevant and age-appropriate for young readers."

The Scholastic News Kids Press Corps is a group of 59 talented young reporters, ages 10-14, from across the country. For more than eleven years, the Kid Reporters have covered current events and breaking local and national news stories, including reports about entertainment, sports, business, politics, the economy, the environment, education and books. Their stories appear online at the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps website and in issues of Scholastic News and Junior Scholastic magazines.


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