Earth Day Unveiling of Scholastic’s First Ever “Kids’ Environmental Report Card”

Kids Give an “F” to Adults’ Response to Global Climate Change; Of all Environmental Issues, 54% Say It’s Most Important

New York, NY (April 21, 2008) -- Since last fall, students nationwide have been weighing in on some of the biggest environmental issues facing our world. The results are in the Kids’ Environmental Report Card, Scholastic’s first ever survey of kids’ views on the environment:

Kids cast more than 17,000 votes for such questions as “How important is global climate change?” to “How would you like to celebrate Earth Day?” When students were asked: “How would you rate the response to the environmental challenge posed by global climate change?” 39% voted “F: Awful! Much more needs to be done,” while only 11% thought the response rated an A+.
Other results include:

  • 54% of kids said that “global climate change” is the most important environmental issue facing the world today.
  • 77% of kids think we should “figure out new ways to recycle old stuff” as a way to deal with our trash.
  • 52% of kids think that solar power is the most promising alternative energy resource.
  • 7% of kids say they are willing to do “nothing” to stop global warming.
  • 85% of kids say that responsibility for the environment belongs to everyone (not just the government, scientists or adults).

In addition to the survey results, kids can customize and send Tree-Free e-Cards with facts about the environment and things kids can do to make a difference, discuss the report card results and share ideas about saving the planet, use the Write a Letter tool to tell local elected officials about their concerns, and check out eZines by other students about subjects like animals and the Earth.

“Earth Day is the perfect time to share what kids are thinking about environmental issues,” said David Goddy, Vice President of Education at e-Scholastic. “All school year, students and teachers have used the poll questions on the Kids’ Environmental Report Card to explore a range of topics, such as biodiversity, alternative energy, and the science behind global climate change.”

The Kids’ Environmental Report Card is part of the Science Explorations program, a collaboration of Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education and media company, and the American Museum of Natural History, one of the world’s preeminent scientific, educational, and cultural institutions.

About the American Museum of Natural History
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