Statement from Scholastic on Court Ruling re: SILENT DAYS, SILENT DREAMS

Statement on court decision in James Castle Collection and Archive L.P. v. Scholastic Inc. and Allen Say:


We support the decision by the court denying the temporary restraining order regarding Silent Days, Silent Dreams by Allen Say, a carefully researched biography of a remarkable artist who overcame extraordinary challenges in his life. The story of James Castle celebrates his unique talents, his perseverance, and the power of art to provide a pathway to self-expression for the marginalized. Castle’s legacy and this amazing book are sources of empowerment for anyone with a disability or who has felt like an outsider and will inspire young readers everywhere. The court concluded that "Because the defendants are likely to prevail on their fair use defense, the Court cannot find that the Castle Collection is likely to prevail on the merits." In light of the court’s decision, the book will go on sale on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 as planned.

Kyle Good, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications