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To help children grow a lifelong love of reading.


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 Scholastic Reading Club delivers a just-right selection for every grade each month  

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Press Releases



Since 1948, Scholastic Reading Club has inspired kids to love reading by making it easy and affordable for them to choose their very own books. The Scholastic Reading Club flyers, both printed and online, offer a wide range of grade-appropriate books handpicked by our editors. At prices starting as low as just one dollar, these flyers make it possible for kids of all income levels and from every part of the country to have access to great books and build their own home library.

In our more than sixty-five year history, Scholastic Reading Club has partnered with teachers and schools to sell more than 6 billion books to generations of readers, leaving an indelible mark on the memories of children and adults in the United States and around the world.

Scholastic Reading Club also empowers teachers by offering free books and supplies for the classroom through the Bonus Points rewards program. Many teachers have built entire classroom libraries with books purchased for free using Bonus Points from Scholastic Reading Club.


Scholastic Reading Club delivers a just-right selection for every grade each month:

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What People Are Saying

"In the past, they've helped get books into homes for families who can't/won't use libraries. In the classroom, they are great motivators. Having new books does something magical to students... to be the first one to have a clean, new book is very motivating." 
         – Christi F., 3rd Grade Teacher, Indiana

"You should see the excitement when the box arrives in my classroom from Scholastic. The kids are so excited! I know that they then go home with their new books and bug the adults at home to read to them or to listen to the child read it."
         – Christine M., Kindergarten Teacher, Indiana

"Scholastic Book Clubs is a great way to get students fired up with reading! It’s easy to accumulate points and build your very own classroom library! My students and I love ordering from scholastic and I just recently tried the online parent ordering. With scholastic everything is easy and affordable!!!" 
         – Oscar M., 4th Grade Teacher, Texas 




ClassroomsCare Online Press Kit

Scholastic Book Clubs started the ClassroomsCare program as a way for students to give back through reading. ClassroomsCare partners with charities to give children in need access to quality books. Scholastic Book Clubs ClassroomsCare has donated over 10 million books to kids in need since 2001. Kids who participate in ClassroomsCare learn the value of giving. They develop reading skills through activities that promote literacy. And they are empowered by the knowledge that their actions can impact the world in positive ways.