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Scholastic Library Publishing’s award-winning digital instructional resources combine authentic content—including a variety of text types and multimedia—with literacy support tools to support PreK-12 students as they develop core content knowledge and cultivate critical reading skills.

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BRAINERD DISPATCH On a SMART board, Bookflix® provides animations and sounds during story time.

TECH & LEARNING Seatack Elementary in Virginia uses adaptive learning strategies and tools including BookFlix to support student learning

SIIA CODIE AWARDS ScienceFlix named Best Science Instructional Solution by the Software & Information Industry Association

IOWA READING RESEARCH CENTER The state of Iowa announces the purchase of TrueFlix® for every student enrolled in schools across Iowa.

TrueFlix® is the first resource I look to when designing my lessons. The sources it provides are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Presenting this database to my peers was extremely easy, due to the fact that the database is so well organized and maintained. It practically presents itself…It is a database that school districts should own.

— Mike Conlon, Librarian, Seneca Valley School District, PA

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“With a subscription to ScienceFlix™, educators and librarians need not fear. Alluring in design and simple in text, this resource tackles earth science, physical science, the human body, and more. Related websites and relevant experiments distinguish this one from dry, encyclopedic materials: there’s plenty of opportunity to experience these topics in action, and aspiring scientists are in for a treat.”—School Library Journal, February 2015

“As classrooms continue to emphasize STEM education, students and teachers need reliable and relevant resources to increase science literacy. This dynamic and engaging resource [ScienceFlix™] will empower the next generation of innovators and foster a continued interest in science.”—School Library Journal, December 2014

“[FreedomFlix™] is a colorful, attractive collection that is wide-ranging in its scope and easily navigated. This resource will be utilized in myriad ways, limited only by the creativity of teachers and students, and is valuable on so many levels.”—Library Media Connection, March/April 2013

“A streamlined, intuitive design and smart, interactive features make FreedomFlix™ ideal for enhancing 21st century literacy and technology skills. Content is solid, engaging, and age-appropriate. FreedomFlix™ is a gold medal winner.”—School Library Journal, November 2012

“[TrueFlix®] is perfect for those students who love nonfiction and learning facts and is a definite asset to developing an online curriculum support system.”—Library Media Connection, October 2011


Administrators, teachers and librarians know that integrating technology into children’s education is critical to preparing students for college, career and beyond. Scholastic Library Publishing’s Flix products offer award-winning digital resources for students in PreK through high school. Each digital resource blends compelling authentic text with reading support tools and other multimedia that help students better comprehend and analyze in the core content areas while strengthening critical reading skills.

Scholastic Library Publishing’s digital resources are the go-to instructional tools for educators seeking to provide authentic nonfiction content and improve literacy skills. Our digital platforms help students:

  • Build vocabulary and analytical skills
  • Strive to comprehend increasing levels of text complexity
  • Identify and articulate points of view
  • Master analysis of evidence-based learning
  • Build digital reading stamina
  • Acquire content-area knowledge
  • Closely read informational and authentic texts

Digital Products


BookFlix is a digital literacy resource for students in grades PreK–3 that pairs classic storybooks with related nonfiction titles to reinforce early reading skills and develop essential real world knowledge. With colorful animation, rich audio and interactive games, BookFlix is a perfect tool to engage and support beginning readers.


Offering dozens of units to supplement social studies and science core-curricula learning, TrueFlix is a highly-engaging multimedia resource for students in grades 3–5 that can be used in the library, the classroom, on mobile devices or at home. Beautiful, authentic ebooks are enhanced by a deep and diverse reservoir of related content in a variety of text types and media—including primary sources, fiction, videos, audio clips, images, and related websites.


From Mesopotamia to the 20th century, FreedomFlix gives students in grades 4 and up an entirely new way to explore history’s most fascinating moments. FreedomFlix is an exciting digital resource with more than 50 social studies units that span ten core-curricula areas. Each unit includes an introductory video, a dynamic ebook, related articles, primary sources and vetted web links that expose students to a range of text types and media on the same subject. Project ideas and games offer more opportunities to learn and engage in class-wide discussions and activities.


This highly-engaging, mobile-ready science product integrates curriculum-driven, leveled content, with interactive features and intuitive navigation. ScienceFlix transforms the way students in grades 4–9 access science topics, acquire scientific knowledge, and build an abiding interest in science, technology, and engineering. Students can explore more than 4,000 science-related assets spanning across six areas of study, including earth science, space science, life science, health and the human body, physical science and more.


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