Scholastic Parent & Child

What Is It?

A parenting magazine that helps parents guide their kids from day care through elementary school, with an emphasis on academics, social development, and emotional and physical well-being.

Where Can I Get It?

Scholastic Parent & Child® is distributed in classrooms and pediatrician offices across the country. It is also available on select newsstands and by subscription.

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Sara Sinek
(212) 343-6899

About Scholastic Parent & Child®

Scholastic Parent & Child® magazine helps parents guide their children from day care through fifth grade with joy and confidence. Through its exciting articles and unique resources, Scholastic Parent & Child provides information, wisdom, and inspiration that will help parents maximize their children's happiness and success in school and at home. We focus on academics, social development, emotional well-being, physical health, and behavior to help shape well-rounded kids. Inside you will find articles on family, travel, food, educational toys, pets, and activities that kids can learn from.

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