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Partner with teachers to help students become successful lifelong readers


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Scholastic Book Clubs and We Need Diverse Books provide top books picks for the holiday season that feature diverse characters, stories and authors

Scholastic Book Clubs and the non-profit, We Need Diverse Books, will provide a special club flyer featuring more than 75 books of diverse characters and storylines

Author James Patterson and Scholastic Book Clubs partner to save school libraries with “Patterson Pledge” grant program

Stella Usiak wins Scholastic Book Clubs’s “This is How I Shake It Off!” writing contest – with a grand prize of meeting her idol Taylor Swift.

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Since 1948, Scholastic Book Clubs has given children of all income levels access to trusted, age-appropriate, and high-quality books at prices starting as low as one dollar. The monthly Book Club flyers, both printed and online, make it easy for children to choose their very own books, fostering a love of reading and creating a new generation of readers.

More than 800,000 teachers across the country use Scholastic Book Clubs with their students. Every book purchased through Book Clubs earns rewards for the classroom, building classroom libraries with FREE Books and resources that give every student the opportunity to experience the joy of reading.


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What Teachers Are Saying

"Scholastic Book Clubs is an amazing resource to get kids excited about reading and letting them feel the responsibility of choosing their own books. If you’re excited about it as a teacher, that excitement will pass on to your students. Receiving the Book Box is one of our favorite things!"
         – Drucilla S., 6th Grade Teacher, Kentucky

"Scholastic Book Clubs has given me so many new and wonderful books as a first-year teacher, and I am so appreciative. I honestly did not think I would get so many free books by just handing out the flyers and letting parents know about it. It is really easy and simple to do, and the rewards are worth it."
         – Megan S., PreK Teacher, Texas

"Scholastic Book Clubs is an easy way to support classroom and home literacy as well as earn rewards that can be used to bolster your classroom’s resources."
         – Enrico A., 4th Grade Teacher, California

"Scholastic Book Clubs is something teachers cannot miss out on! It helped me build my classroom and has become a partner to me. I look to Scholastic Book Clubs to help keep me updated on new books and to help keep my students learning and growing!"
         – Danielle L., 2nd Grade Teacher, Iowa

"Participating in Scholastic Book Clubs is a no-brainer. It’s easy, doesn’t have to cost you anything, and adds to the opportunities for getting books in your students’ hands."
         – Sarah N., Kindergarten Teacher, Florida