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What is it?

A paranormal love story about a teenage girl and the boy she loves who bears a striking resemblance to the yellow-eyed wolf she has admired from afar, by Maggie Stiefvater

Who’s it for?

Readers ages 13 to adult


Release Dates

Shiver was published in August 2009, Linger will be released in July 2010, and Forever is scheduled for publication in 2011.

More Information/Author Interviews

Praise for Shiver

A New York Times Bestseller

A Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2009

star “Stiefvater skillfully increases the tension throughout; her take on werewolves is interesting and original while her characters are refreshingly willing to use their brains to deal with the challenges they face.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

star “Told from alternating points of view, the narrative takes a classic Romeo & Juliet plot and transforms it into a paranormal romance that is beautiful and moving. Readers will easily identify with the strong, dynamic characters. The mythology surrounding the wolf pack is clever and so well written that is seems perfectly normal for the creatures to exist in today's world. A must-have that will give Bella and Edward a run for their money.” — School Library Journal, starred review

“After devouring dozens of fast-paced, very plot-centric books, you sometimes need to settle down and sink in to something slower and more contemplative. You need to be reminded that sometimes words can reach into your chest and wrench your heart.” —

Praise for Linger

A #1 New York Times Bestseller

A USA Today Bestseller

“This sequel’s poetic prose skillfully captures the four teens’ longings for love, forgetting, remembering, righting wrongs and life itself. The riveting ending will leave readers panting for the next sequel.” — Kirkus Reviews

“This riveting narrative, impossible to put down, is not only an excellent addition to the current fangs and fur craze but is also a beautifully written romance that, along with Shiver, will have teens clamoring for the third and final entry.” — Voice of Youth Advocates

Media Coverage Highlights

  • There are more than 1.6 million copies of The Shiver Trilogy in print in the U.S. to date.
  • Linger debuted at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list its first week on sale. (July 2010)
  • Shiver has appeared on The New York Times Bestsellers list for 55 weeks since publication in August 2009
  • Publishing rights to Shiver have been sold for 35 foreign editions to date.
  • Variety announced that Unique Features has acquired the film rights to Shiver (September 29, 2009).
  • Linger, the sequel to Shiver, will be published in July 2010 by Scholastic Press. The third book in the Trilogy, Forever, is scheduled for publication in 2011.
  • Booklist has a video interview with Maggie Stiefvater. (October 2009)



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