To Keep Students Learning at Home Through H1N1 Flu Season Scholastic Launches new Online Resource


"Stay Smart!" includes twenty days of reading, writing and math instruction for students at home during flu season


New York, NY — October 5, 2009 — Because students nationwide will need grade-level materials if they are kept home from school, Scholastic (NASDAQ: SCHL) today announced the launch of Stay Smart!, a school continuation plan for students in grades K-12. Stay Smart! includes twenty days of reading, writing and math instruction to keep kids reading and learning in case of H1N1 (Swine Flu) related school closings in their communities.

Drawing on the vast resources of Scholastic, Stay Smart! provides grade-level appropriate downloadable worksheets, readings, math problems and online activities for kids who are home sick this winter, ranging from traceable letter sheets for first graders to history-themed webquests for middle schoolers.

Additional resources at Stay Smart include: • 30-day free access to Expert Space®®, a new digital curriculum and toolkit for the 21st Century for access to over 125,000 articles, videos, Web links, and more for students in grades 4-12.
• Free access to weekly book pairs from BookFlix®, an online literacy resource that pairs classic fictional video story books with related nonfiction eBooks for students in grades K-3.
• 20-days of phonics, decoding, reading, and writing skills practice specifically designed for struggling readers who need intensive phonics instruction or reading intervention and are enrolled in System 44® or READ 180® classes in their schools.
• A downloadable, kid-friendly Flu Prevention Tip Sheet to help schools and kids prevent catching—and spreading—the flu.
• Access to the Scholastic Classroom Homepage Builder, where teachers are able to keep parents and students informed about class assignments and activities.

Also available at, the Scholastic Kids Press Corps™ is reporting on current events from coast-to-coast, including the Swine Flu situation in schools, in an accessible, kid-friendly way.

Stay Smart! was developed in response to the request for support for school continuity from the U.S. Department of Education in preparation for anticipated student absences or school closures due to seasonal flu or H1N1. For additional information and assistance for your school or community, visit the U.S. Department of Education or

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Tyler Reed