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Partner with teachers to help students become successful lifelong readers


Allyson Barkan


PIX 11
In commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day, 92-year-old survivor and Scholastic author Elly Berkovits Gross is interviewed about her work with Scholastic Book Clubs to help distribute 26,000 copies of her book, Elly: My True Story of the Holocaust, to children across the country. 

Scholastic Book Clubs and the non-profit, the Pajama Program, partner to help deliver books and pajamas to one million children facing adversity. 

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Since 1948, Scholastic Book Clubs has given children of all income levels access to trusted, age-appropriate, and high-quality books at prices starting as low as one dollar. The monthly Book Club flyers, both printed and online, make it easy for children to choose their very own books, fostering a love of reading and creating a new generation of readers.

Every book purchased through Book Clubs earns rewards for the classroom, building classroom libraries with FREE Books and resources that give every student the opportunity to experience the joy of reading.


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What Teachers Are Saying

"Scholastic Book Clubs has been an incredible resource for my students, fellow educators and parents! The books are amazing, the deals are phenomenal and I love having access to books that are affordable! The collection can't be beat and the value is the best."
         – Melissa S., 3rd Grade Teacher, New Jersey

" I've been using Scholastic Book Clubs in my classes for many years. The children love looking through the magazines and choosing books. Whether it is for their families to buy or the teacher to add to the classroom library, everyone is excited to see the Scholastic Book Club box arrive!"
         – Judy N., 1st Grade Teacher, Oregon

"Scholastic Book Clubs has opened the door to learning, reflecting, and exploration. With every new book comes a different adventure; the love of reading is just infectious. Students havea better understanding of reading and of their own identity. Some have a character or event that they can relate to, others an outlet to escape or access to an infinite world of information. Books are amazing tools, and Scholastic Book Clubs has made such an impact on my students by empowering them with those tools."
         – Leo T., Administrator and Former Teacher, New York City

"My students' parents always ask me what is their child's reading level and how do they find books at their child's reading level for home reading. I start off by telling them that there are so many different publishers and companies who each have their own system for distinguishing the reading levels, that it can be very confusing (even for teachers!). I tell them to focus more on allowing their child to self-select books. In addition to reccomending they check out their local library or their local bookstore, I also always recommend the monthly Scholastic Book Clubs flyers to parents. I tell them that it's a curated selection of books just for their child's grade level, and it has a great balance of fiction/nonfiction, and even culturally diverse book titles. The books are also a good mix of classics along with popular titles that kids love. Shopping with Scholastic Book Clubs (online or with the flyers) is like walking into a bookstore and right away being able to find that exact section in the store that is just right for their child's age range. Scholastic Book Clubs is convenient, efficient, and just what is needed!"
         – Helen Mui, 1st Grade Teacher, California

"Scholastic Book Clubs have made it possible to have a classroom library. I do not know what I would have done without them! Book Clubs gives every student an opportunity to purchase books and teachers the opportunity to add books to their classrooms."
         – Kathy Sahagian, 1st Grade Teacher, California

"Scholastic Book Clubs is a must for new teachers and seasoned teachers alike. With the vast amount of books at various levels and interest there is something for every student at a low cost. Through the regular interaction with flyers, my students from all backgrounds were able to practice real-world reading skills, find something of interest to them, and were given choices to empower themas readers. Through parent purchases at one school, and Book Trust at another, I was able to build a diverse library using the bonus points system that represented all students in my class. We had current series, books on CD, and the classics. Scholastic Book Clubs helped me build a robust library serving all the needs of my students."

         – Megan Bernier M. Ed., UCF College of Education, Professor

"I don't know how I would teach without Scholastic Book Clubs! I have found so many great books for teaching small book clubs, class read-alouds, and small groups! The selection is amazing and I am always able to add books to integrate with my curriculum. Also, the dollar deals are perfect to gift to students or use as a classoom reward! I love giving books away and getting rewards from Scholastic is a huge bonus!"

         – Kelly Matthews, 4th Grade Teacher, Colorado

"Scholastic is always my "go to" for getting the best prices on current and appropriate books for my classroom. It's always exciting when the book box arrives!"

         – Michelle Smith, Kindergarten Teacher, Massachusetts


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