An Update on U.S. Scholastic Book Fairs for Spring 2024

Scholastic has a clear mission: to make sure all children have access to books and resources that will help them learn to read and love to read. At the heart of inspiring a lifelong reader is ensuring every child finds the right books for them, and Scholastic Book Fairs is one of the many ways we do this. Today, delivering on this mission comes with extraordinary challenges. We are committed to helping schools share stories that represent, reflect, and inspire all children through Scholastic Book Fairs. It is also critically important that we create a path forward to offer a Book Fair experience to all children, while giving our Book Fair hosts what many of them need to navigate legislation and policies.

From our experience in the fall, we have learned that separating out titles or highlighting titles that might make teachers and librarians vulnerable to serious legal and professional consequences is not the answer. As announced previously, we are discontinuing the supplemental Celebrating Voices Collection that was offered in our fall U.S. elementary school fairs. Spring ’24 Scholastic Book Fairs will:
  • include all of the books from the fall Celebrating Voices Collection throughout the fair, joining a number of new titles with a wide array of representation,
  • feature an enhanced, online Book Fair preview with industry standard information and search functionality similar to any other reputable online sites, so schools and Book Fair hosts can explore the books in advance of their fair, and
  • deliver all books in the fair to schools, which will be able to make their own local merchandising decisions, as they have always done, just like any bookstore or library.
Above all, Scholastic Book Fairs will continue to inspire kids to read, help them build home libraries, and empower school fundraising. All of us at Scholastic take seriously the trust built and the joyful memories made through these school events over the past forty years. We are proud of our unique ability to deliver books kids will love, while deeply respecting the high standards of educators and the important role of families in helping to choose the best books for their kids.
Released November 29, 2023