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Scholastic’s research-based digital solutions help educators effectively raise students’ literacy achievement in Grades PreK–10.  Students get 24/7 access to engaging, high-quality content while educators receive the data and actionable insights they need to drive instruction. 


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The SIIA CODiE Awards named Scholastic Education Solutions’ Scholastic Administrator Dashboard as the Best Administrative Solution for 2023. In previous years, Scholastic Literacy Pro won a CODiE for Best Education Cloud-Based Solution and Scholastic F.I.R.S.T. won for Best Educational App. 

Scholastic Literacy Pro® is awarded Digital Promise’s Learner Variability Product Certification, an industry-recognized distinction for educational technology (edtech) products that support learner variability.

Scholastic F.I.R.S.T. and Scholastic Literacy Pro are named winners of the 2021 "Best Tools for Back to School."

Scholastic W.O.R.D. is perfect for focused lesson plans or independent learning as part of a literacy center.

COMPUTED GAZETTE BookFlix, Ooka Island, Scholastic Literacy Pro, and ScienceFlix named winners in the 22nd Annual Education Software Review Awards.

Blog Posts

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Administrators, teachers, and librarians know that integrating technology into children’s education is a powerful way to prepare them for success in college, their careers, and beyond. Scholastic’s digital solutions combine the highly engaging stories and multimedia resources Scholastic is known for with the powerful data and reporting educators need to achieve their literacy goals. Each solution is research-based and developed using real educator and student feedback to ensure every single feature is intuitive for teachers and exciting for students. Here’s how our digital solutions can help you inspire fluent, lifelong readers:   

  • Building background and content-area knowledge
  • Master phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension
  • Understand the 2,500 morphological word families
  • Independently read and analyze text
  • Develop reading stamina across multiple text types

Press Releases

Digital Solutions


Scholastic Literacy Pro® (Grades K–8)

2022 Digital Promise’s Learner Variability Product Certification, 2021 Tech & Learning "Best Tools for Back to School" Award of Excellence, 2020 EdTech Finalist, 2020 CODiE Award Winner 

Scholastic Literacy Pro is a blended independent reading management tool and ebook library for Grades K–8. With over 2,300 ebooks and a powerful recommendation engine, Literacy Pro empowers students to select their own books (in print or online) and set their own reading goals. As students grow into independent readers, educators can assess their comprehension, build their  vocabulary, and monitor their success with real-time reporting at the school, class, and district level.

  • “Scholastic Literacy Pro has really helped us in regard to which books to choose and teachers find it easy to use, especially to spot children who are struggling and those who do read regularly. It has also motivated the kids to spend more time reading.”—Teacher  

BookFlix® (Grades PreK–3)

2019 SIIA CODiE Award Finalist, 2020 EdTech Finalist

BookFlix is a unique literacy resource for Grades PreK–3 that pairs classic animated storybooks with related nonfiction titles. By combining fiction and nonfiction in one program, BookFlix improves students’ comprehension of both—building early learning skills and real-world knowledge at the same time! With nearly 160 pairs in English and 40 in Spanish, along with colorful visuals, rich audio, and interactive games, BookFlix makes reading fiction and nonfiction a joy for all.

  • “BookFlix is by far our most popular and most used resource. It’s easy to use, it absolutely develops a love of reading, and children love it. Plus, it gives them a choice, which we know how important that is in a classroom.”—Emily Rozmus, INFOhio Instructional Team Specialist 

Scholastic F.I.R.S.T.™ (Foundations In Reading, Sounds, & Text) An Adventure on Ooka Island (Grades PreK–2)

2021 Tech & Learning "Best Tools for Back to School" Award of Excellence, 2020 EdTech Finalist, 2020 CODiE Finalist, and 2020 Digital Promise Research-Based Design Certification, 2019 CODiE Winner

Scholastic FIRST is a foundational reading program that teaches students how to hear, identify, and manipulate all 44 sounds of the English language. Built on Dr. Kay MacPhee’s groundbreaking research, F.I.R.S.T. uses highly adaptive technology to introduce each sound and skill at just the right time—so decoding becomes effortless and students can focus on comprehension. With a personalized path for every child and a robust scope and sequence, F.I.R.S.T. secures the foundational skills all students need to read proficiently.

  • “I see the transfer of knowledge happen from my students playing on Ooka Island and into our small-group instruction, especially in their phonological development and comprehension skills. There’s a big improvement since we started using Scholastic F.I.R.S.T.”—Erin Acorn, Kindergarten Teacher 


Scholastic W.O.R.D.™ (Grades K–5)

2020 Digital Promise Research-Based Product Certification, 2020 EdTech Finalist and Winner, 2020 Tech & Learning Award in Excellence

Scholastic W.O.R.D. is a K–5 program that supercharges vocabulary acquisition and deepens comprehension. Based on the extensive research of Dr. Elfieda Heibert, W.O.R.D. helps student master the 2,500 morphological word families that make up 90% of all texts they’ll encounter.  Combining game-based activities with fiction and nonfiction text selections, W.O.R.D. makes learning how words works engaging and effective for all.

  • “My kids really love this program! They are engaged in the games and enjoy the content. They are excited to play and like the format.”—Jessica Christopher, Grade 2 Teacher

Watch & Learn Library™ (Grades PreK–3)

2019 Tech & Learning Award of Excellence Winner, 2020 EdTech Finalist

The Watch & Learn Library is a curriculum-aligned video library created just for PreK–3. It includes nearly 300 real-world videos that build knowledge, vocabulary, and engagement in science, social studies, and social-emotional learning.  Fully equitable in English and Spanish, the program allows teachers to quickly find videos by theme or language and enhance instruction for all learners.

TrueFlix® (Grades 3–5)

TrueFlix is a highly-engaging multimedia resource that builds science and social studies knowledge in Grades 3–6. Each of the 225+ content units feature a page-turning nonfiction ebook supported by a wealth of related media—including primary sources, fiction, videos, audio clips, images, and related websites. TrueFlix supports core-curricula learning anywhere you need it to! Students can use it in the library, the classroom, on mobile devices, or even at home.

  • “[TrueFlix®] is perfect for those students who love nonfiction and learning facts and is a definite asset to developing an online curriculum support system.”—Library Media Connection, October 2011


ScienceFlix™ (Grades 5-10)

ScienceFlix is a highly engaging, curriculum-driven science and literacy program for Grades 5–10. Transform the way your students acquire scientific knowledge with a universe of fascinating science-related resources—over 20,000 to be exact—including videos, informational texts, hands-on projects, and more. Emphasizing STEM and Next Generation Science Standards, ScienceFlix builds the knowledge students need to navigate and excel in our science- and technology-driven world.   

  • “With a subscription to ScienceFlix™, educators and librarians need not fear. Alluring in design and simple in text, this resource tackles earth science, physical science, the human body, and more. Related websites and relevant experiments distinguish this one from dry, encyclopedic materials: there’s plenty of opportunity to experience these topics in action, and aspiring scientists are in for a treat.”—School Library Journal, February 2015