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Scholastic Chairman, President, and CEO Richard Robinson discusses how the Company has pivoted since the pandemic and is addressing civil unrest

"The people of Scholastic were focused on the same thing in 1920 that we are today – understanding what matters most in a child’s life and providing them with powerful stories and information that support their learning journey. This is what keeps us relevant and has driven us every day for the past 100 years."

— Richard Robinson, Chairman, President and CEO of Scholastic

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About the Scholastic Bookshelf 


What is the Scholastic Bookshelf?
A free Instagram resource created to help parents and teachers answer kids’ most pressing life questions with the power of story. The Scholastic Bookshelf offers access to a highly curated selection of excerpts from 60+ Scholastic stories that address dozens of topics on the minds of parents and teachers today, enabling them to answer the question, “How do I talk to my child about…?” 

How does it work?
The Scholastic Bookshelf is intuitive and easy for fans and followers to use. First, visit @scholasticbookshelf on Instagram. Then, find a topic to connect with a Scholastic book or classroom magazine excerpt. Next, swipe to explore questions, prompts and thought-starters, and #ReadOn to discover related stories for kids of all ages.

What if I don’t have Instagram?
The Scholastic Bookshelf is best viewed on the Instagram app; however, you can also view it on a web browser here.

When can I use it?
As of August 12, 2020, the Scholastic Bookshelf is live and available for use.

What kinds of topics are on the Scholastic Bookshelf?
The Bookshelf includes a comprehensive and diverse range of topics that are on the minds of parents and teachers today, including evergreen subjects such as anxiety, empathy, bullying, and imagination, as well as timely topics like race, diversity, and even illness. The full list can be found by visiting @scholasticbookshelf.

What kinds of stories can I access on the Scholastic Bookshelf?
You’ll find excerpts from over 60 stories on the Scholastic Bookshelf, as well as suggestions to discover nearly 300 additional fiction and non-fiction stories – all from Scholastic’s extensive collection of books and classroom magazine articles. This includes stories from iconic series like The Baby-Sitters Club and The Magic School Bus, and from beloved authors like Dav Pilkey and Raina Telgemeier.

Why is Scholastic launching the Bookshelf?
For 100 years, Scholastic has provided the resources to help children understand current events and contemporary issues, first as a classroom magazine in 1920 and today as the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books and educational materials. While 61% of parents and teachers often use stories, books, and articles to help have conversations with childreni, they are turning more and more to advice on social media— roughly 3 in 5 millennial parents turn to social media for parenting advice at least 3–6 times a weekii. Scholastic is meeting parents and teachers where and when they are seeking guidance, with another resource to inspire conversation and open dialogues with children.

I’ve searched through the Bookshelf and located a topic. Now what?
The Scholastic Bookshelf serves as a great starting point for beginning conversations and exploring topics in greater depth. To learn more about how you can use the Bookshelf in your own life and start these conversations with your kids, visit the Scholastic EDU blog to read tips from Karen Baicker, Executive Director of the Yale Child Study Center–Scholastic Collaborative for Child & Family Resilience and Publisher for Family and Community Engagement (FACE) at Scholastic.

i Based on poll conducted with Morning Consult fielded from October 11-14, 2019, among a national sample of 931 parents and teachers
ii Meet the (Millennial) Parents Report, Crowdtap 2015

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