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Scholastic Professional supports educators by offering professional services, books, and curricular resources from leading experts in K–12 education. It provides a comprehensive, research-based approach to professional development that expands understanding of language, literacy, and learning as it elevates instruction—preparing students for a lifetime of success.

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Scholastic Professional supports K–12 educators.


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Experts on the Scholastic Reads Podcast

DR. JULIA B. LINDSAY discusses the joy and power of reading with evidence-based practices 

DONALYN MILLER AND COLBY SHARP highlight the critical importance of increasing book access for kids

DR. KAREN L. MAPP describes how powerful families and educators can be when they come together to support student learning

KYLENE BEERS AND ROBERT E. PROBST explore a new approach to reading that encourages students to be responsive, responsible, and compassionate readers

PAM ALLYN AND ERNEST MORRELL talk about the importance of reading aloud

LESTER LAMINACK discusses how we can encourage students to feel included, engaged, and welcomed

DR. GHOLDY MUHAMMAD explains how researching Black literary societies from the 1800s inspires her work with students and teachers around the country

DR. DON VU shares his experience and strategies for supporting immigrant and refugee students

Experts in the News

NPR's MINDSHIFT Dr. Gholdy Muhammad speaks about Unearthing Joy and how teachers can incorporate joy into their work

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL SERVICES Penny Kittle, author of Micro Mentor Texts, shares how educators can use micro mentor texts in the classroom to help improve students’ writing craft

EDUTOPIA Pam Allyn and Ernest Morrell on the importance of belonging, curiosity, and confidence

GOOD MORNING AMERICA Dr. Gholdy Muhammad discusses her four-part equity framework for culturally and historically responsive literacy

ASCD EXPRESS Kylene Beers and Robert E. Probst explain the critical need for critical literacy 

EDUCATION WEEK Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger provide strategies for engaging students in writing about their learning with purpose

WPMI-TV Jan Richardson hosts a professional development seminar about guided reading for over 400 educators in Baldwin County, Alabama 


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About Scholastic Professional

Ongoing, relevant professional learning that is tailored for educators is critical. Scholastic supports overall professional growth in delivering high-quality literacy instruction through custom professional learning, coaching, leadership support, and renowned author thought leadership. Scholastic Professional authors are recipients of highly prestigious awards and appointments including President of the National Council Teachers of English (NCTE). Scholastic Professional services, books, and curricular resources are designed to create lasting change and success, and are informed by authors’ pivotal research and extensive experience in classrooms, schools, and districts.

2022-2023 Professional Book Releases

The latest books and professional resources from leading author-experts committed to helping all teachers fulfill their professional learning needs.

In this follow-up to Cultivating Genius, Gholdy Muhammad adds a fifth pursuit—joy—to her groundbreaking framework. Dr. Muhammad shows how joy, which is rooted in the cultural and historical realities of Black students, can enhance our efforts to cultivate identity, skills, intellect, and criticality for ALL students, giving them a powerful purpose to learn and contribute to the world. Dr. Muhammad’s wise implementation advice is paired with model lessons that span subjects and grade levels. Learn more


In this no-nonsense guide, primary reading expert and classroom teacher Lindsay Kemeny shares seven ways K-3 teachers can modify what they are currently doing to transform their reading instruction. Each chapter focuses on a critical area of foundational reading-from the most efficient ways to teach phonemic awareness and phonics to the most effective ways to boost comprehension. Kemeny clears up confusing terms and concepts and offers up "do-tomorrow" strategies to help kids acquire reading skills efficiently and successfully transfer those skills to their reading. Readers will find the literacy routines and lessons Kemeny uses every day with her students detailed in the book, along with links to video demonstrations showing how she puts them into practice. Learn more.


Dr. Julia B. Lindsey’s evidence-based routines help young readers decode words efficiently so they can spend more energy on comprehending—and enjoying—what they read! You’ll find:

1) Need-to-know essentials of how kids learn to read.

2) Principles of high-quality foundational skills instruction.

3) Teacher-approved instructional “swaps” to improve early reading instruction. 

Dr. Lindsey addresses content learning, culturally responsive practices, and the importance of engaging readers from the start. Learn More


At a time when students’ attention is being pulled in many directions, writing expert Penny Kittle shows us the power of helping them to focus and communicate clearly. She does that through the study of “micro mentor texts”— excerpts from acclaimed books—and the decisions that authors make to craft those texts so they deeply engage readers. Her book includes dozens of short texts and accompanying mini-lessons—as well as many practice opportunities for students and demonstration videos for you. Learn More


Literacy champions Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp provide teachers with the advice they need to transform the classroom library into a true instructional partner. They show how to procure and weed books based on quantity, diversity, currency and relevance, and organization and use. From there, they follow the lifecycle of Sharp's classroom library throughout the year, showing ways he evaluates and supports his students as they become increasingly independent in their reading. Learn More


Engaging families in education benefits everyone. Student achievement goes up, families get stronger, and teachers and administrators can do their job more effectively. Everyone wins! In this highly readable roundup of the latest research, a Harvard-based team makes a compelling case for investing in evidence-based family-engagement practices—and suggests powerful ways to put those practices into action at your school or district. Learn More.


A teacher-educator and pediatrician team up to offer practical techniques that help students deal with the many life challenges they face. The authors show how to build resilience-promoting skills through quality children’s literature, routines, and activities to create a classroom where all children thrive. As children develop those skills, they connect This research-based guide provides resilience-promoting strategies to help students deal with the many life challenges they face, while building important literacy skills. Learn More


This companion to Revolutionary Love presents do-tomorrow, asset-based strategies for preK-grade 2—all grounded in a culturally-responsive framework. A key goal of this book is to activate and energize early childhood educators so that they will view teaching Black students as exhilarating and rewarding—and propel student success. Learn More