Teacher & Principal School Report

Teacher & Principal School Report

The Teacher & Principal School Report series showcases the results of two national surveys of public school Pre-K–12 educators on critical issues affecting schools and districts across the country.


The Teacher & Principal School Report series is for educators, families, community partners, policymakers, and education stakeholders. The goal of the series is to elevate the voices of educators and raise awareness of key issues, including the importance of literacy, barriers to equity in education, and the resources needed to support students and families.


The findings reported in the Teacher & Principal School Report: 2nd Edition are based on a national online survey managed by YouGov among public school Pre-K–12 teachers (3,969) and principals (548). The survey was conducted between December 9, 2019 and January 31, 2020. The data was weighted on gender, years of teaching experience (teachers only), school grade range, district enrollment, school urbanicity, and percentage of students receiving free/reduced-price lunch. School poverty levels were determined by NCES definitions of high- and low-poverty schools, based on the percentage of students eligible for free/reduced-price lunch, i.e. low poverty (0–25%) and high poverty (76%+).

In the summer of 2020 (July – early August), we re-contacted educators from the winter study who gave us permission to do so. The survey was conducted from July 23, 2020 through August 4, 2020; 790 pre-K–12 public school teachers and 70 public school principals and vice principals completed the survey. Sample characteristics were very similar to the Winter 2020 data in terms of gender, years of teaching experience, grade(s) taught, region, FRL and urbanicity. Minimal weights were applied to align the recontact sample to the winter 2020 survey sample.


Download the Teacher & Principal School Report: Equity in Education (PDF)
Download the Teacher & Principal School Report: Focus on Literacy (PDF) 


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“Equity doesn’t mean the same for everyone; it means that everyone gets what they need.”

— Elementary School Principal, Florida, 2016

“Literacy is a cornerstone that everything in the educational system rests upon. It is more than teaching a student how to read. It is about harnessing the power of reading to propel student readers’ innovative brainstorming, ideas and solutions into existence. Strong readers become strong leaders!”

— High School Teacher, West Virginia, 2016

“Partnership with parents and the community is essential to help students be successful. Students’ needs have to be met physically, mentally, and socially, and these are not always being met at home.”

— Elementary School Teacher, Maryland, 2020

“I think that reading books or articles that are focused on an issue that a student is facing in their personal life [is powerful]. I have had students who were going through all kinds of situations and felt that they were alone. Books allow them to see others who are also facing the same issues.”

— Middle School Teacher, Georgia, 2020

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Press Releases

Teacher & Principal School Report: 2nd Edition (2020)

This series of blog posts explores the views and experiences of 4,517 public school Pre-K–12 educators both prior to the coronavirus outbreak in winter 2020, and during the spread of the virus in summer 2020.

Past Reports

Focus on Literacy (2017): This report explores educators’ views on the importance of reading, the barriers to independent reading time in school, and the home-to-school connection.

Equity in Education (2016): This report offers a close look at the barriers to equity in education, educators’ funding priorities, and their personal spending for students and classrooms.

State Reports (2016): View highlighted data by state here.

Due to limited sample sizes, state-level data are only available for 16 states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas.


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