KlutzĀ® (Booth #159) Kick-Starts Creativity at Toy Fair with 14 New Products for 2015


Becky Amsel
(212) 389-3788

New York, NY – February 10, 2015 – Klutz, an imprint of Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books, will debut 14 new products at Toy Fair for 2015. Since 1977, Klutz has been committed to inspiring creativity with premium book-based activity kits. Now based at Scholastic Headquarters in New York City under the direction of SVP and General Manager Stacy Lellos, Klutz today boasts more than 110 million Klutz activity products in print and Klutz remains dedicated to inspiring creativity in kids of all ages.

In the Klutz tradition, all 14 titles on the 2015 list feature crystal clear instructions and everything you need to get started—and there is truly something for every kid. With modern decoupage to amazing batik, custom friendship bracelets to moving LEGO® machines, shrink art jewelry to wholesome pranking—the editors at Klutz have taken some of the hottest crafts and popular trends and made them…Klutz-ier!
“I’m thrilled to showcase Klutz at Toy Fair 2015 and share the amazing new products for Spring and Fall aimed at kick-starting the creative process for kids,” says Stacy Lellos, SVP of Klutz. “We know parents are looking for tactile, rewarding activities for their kids, and with the latest trends happening right outside our doors in SoHo coupled with our expertise in creating super-fun, award-winning product—tested and inspired by kids—we have something for everyone!"
Visit Us at Toy Fair 2015:
  • Stop by Booth #159 for Klutz Face Painting and Nail Art and strike a pose at our Klutz ‘Selfie Station’ (Ongoing, Saturday through Tuesday, 2/14–2/17)
  • Klutz SVP and General Manager Stacy Lellos will be available for interviews throughout Toy Fair 2015. To set up an interview with Stacy, or to schedule an appointment to learn more about Klutz, please contact Becky Amsel at bamsel@scholastic.com or stop by booth #159.
New Klutz Products for Spring 2015:
Shrink & Link Jewelry ($21.99; March 2015; Ages 10 and up) We’ve taken shrink plastic to the third dimension with linkable, reusable, transferable, dimensional, shrink-plastic pendants!
Nail Art ($21.99; March 2015; Ages 6 and up) A Klutz classic now with 6 colors of water-based, non- toxic, peel-off nail paints so you can try every design with no nail polish remover required.
Tiny Stitches ($21.99; March 2015; Ages 10 and up) Petite embroidery projects you can wear or display—this isn’t your grandmother's needlepoint . . . and here at Klutz we love a trendy twist on a traditional craft!
Prankster Magic ($12.99; March 2015; Ages 8 and up) Prankster Magic includes coin tricks, card tricks, and mind reading—no need to borrow someone's rabbit—just the sweet spot between mischief and amazement! There are more than 3.5 million Klutz magic books in print.
Dress Up Your Own Paper Pups ($16.99; March 2015; Ages 6 and up) Five little (paper) pups to pamper and dress up and tote around. Accessories range from the indispensable (food bowls, bones, and hair curlers) to the extravagant (tutu)! It’s puppy love, Klutz style.
Build Your Own Gotcha Gadgets ($24.99; March 2015; Ages 8 and up) Gotcha Gadgets is a scientific take on The Encyclopedia of Immaturity—a set of customizable electronic gizmos, along with a book of games, pranks, and jokes. It’s like a science fair project with the soul of a whoopee cushion.
LEGO® Chain Reaction: Make Amazing Moving Machines ($21.99; January 2015; Ages 8 and up) Create amazing contraptions and machines that explore Rube Goldberg-style chain reactions with LEGO®. With this book in hand and a handful of basic bricks from your LEGO® collection, the only other thing you’ll need is a little imagination.
New Klutz Products for Fall 2015:
Make Glitter Clay Charms by the editors of Klutz ($21.99, Fall 2015; ages 8 and up) Based on the popular Make Clay Charms, all-new designs now have plenty of glitter to add sparkling accents to your charms.
Charm Bracelet Studio by the editors of Klutz ($24.99, Fall 2015; Ages 8 and up) Charm bracelets are more popular than ever, and now kids can design and paint their own high-quality gold metal charms. With more than 100 designs to choose from, gold bangles, and tons of metal charms, kids can truly show off their individual styles and interests.
Personalized Friendship Bracelets by the editors of Klutz ($16.99, Fall 2015; Ages 8 and up) Step-by-step instructions, punch-out design tiles, and a built-in bracelet-making tool make it easy to create and design names and messages, and patterns including emoticons and hashtags.
Pop Collage: Make Your Stuff Stand Out by the editors of Klutz ($21.99, Fall 2015; Ages 8 and up) Taking decoupage and collage to the next level, Pop Collage modernizes a classic, known craft with techniques such as hole punch confetti and glitter blending. Decorate your own keychain, bookmark, picture frame, and more!
Design & Dye with No-Heat Batik by the editors of Klutz ($21.99, Fall 2015; Ages 8 and up) Use our special doodling gel to trace fun designs onto any fabric and safely dye to create works of wearable art—a beautiful craft made kid-friendly.
Finger Knitting: The Fastest, Easiest, Funnest Way to Knit by the editors of Klutz ($21.99, Fall 2015; Ages 8 and up) Hands down, the easiest way to knit super-cute gifts and accessories—everything you need to start knitting scarves, necklaces, bracelets, and more.
About Klutz®
Founded in 1977, Klutz has been engaging kids for more than 35 years with more than 110 million activity products in print, including such popular and award-winning products as Cat’s Cradle®, Face Painting, Friendship Bracelets, Juggling for the Complete Klutz, and The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes. Today, more than 175 Klutz® products are sold in book, toy and gift stores worldwide, and the company has helped kids launch more than 42 million paper airplanes, knot 48 million friendship bracelets, and drop more than 8 million juggling cubes. Klutz is an imprint of Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books. For more information, please visit www.klutz.com and http://mediaroom.scholastic.com/klutz. Follow Klutz on Twitter @KlutzBooks and on Facebook.