A Statement from Scholastic CEO Dick Robinson on Our Commitment to the LGBTQIA+ Community

As clearly outlined in our Scholastic credo and recently affirmed in our statement about racial inequality, Scholastic believes that all people, including unequivocally those in the trans community, deserve to live free of prejudice and intolerance, and our company actions support these beliefs in respect to our employees, authors, and the books and materials we publish.

We believe Scholastic can make the greatest impact by continuing to promote the work of LGBTQIA+ creators in in our publishing, including the support and amplification of transgender and non-binary voices. This year, eight of the ten most challenged books on the American Library Association's Most Challenged Books List were there because of LGBTQIA+ content, and we are proud that two of them were published by Scholastic: Raina Telgemeier's Drama and Alex Gino's George, the #1 most challenged book of last year. For our annual Read with Pride campaign this year, we are bringing over a dozen authors of LGBTQIA+ books to virtual events, partnering with independent bookstores across the country.

We will continue to support all our authors of LGBTQIA+ work and, even more important, the LGBTQIA+ youth to whom these books mean so much. There are still more voices out there that need to be heard. We will work hard to find and promote them, and provide every child with books where he, she, or they can see the joy and importance of all identities on the LBGTQIA+ spectrum. This is in keeping with our commitment to support all children to live a full life and realize their human potential.