A Message from Scholastic on U.S. Book Fairs

Scholastic provides diverse titles to every Book Fair.  

There have been a number of misconceptions that we want to clarify about how we have created a path to host Scholastic Book Fairs, even as schools and educators in the U.S. navigate restrictions imposed on them by state legislation and local policy. The biggest misconception is that Scholastic Book Fairs is putting all diverse titles into one optional case. This is not true, in any school, in any location we serve.

A Statement from Scholastic CEO Dick Robinson on Our Commitment to the LGBTQIA+ Community

As clearly outlined in our Scholastic credo and recently affirmed in our statement about racial inequality, Scholastic believes that all people, including unequivocally those in the trans community, deserve to live free of prejudice and intolerance, and our company actions support these beliefs in respect to our employees, authors, and the books and materials we publish.

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